A signed contract and $100 deposit is required to save your date. 

Artist Assignment Policy:

Contracts are taken on a first come first served basis and requested dates/times are booked when receipt of both a signed contract and $100 deposit is received.

Please know, we cannot guarantee a specific artist to your contract. Artists are assigned based on availability for trial runs and wedding date. We do schedule the same artist for your wedding day and your trial run/bridal portrait unless requested or agreed upon otherwise between the bride and YBF or for in case of an emergency on the wedding day. We will assign only Senior Artists to the Platinum Packages. All artists are trained in the same techniques which ensures that no matter who you are assigned, you will get the same level of service.

Guidelines for the person in the "hot seat" (getting their hair/makeup done)

  1. Have pictures of the hairstyle you want/like as a reference. If you don't know what you would like, we are happy to make suggestions. Please note that because of the strict timing, if you do choose to have us create your style, there will not be time for "do-overs" if you changed your mind. A great place to find hair styles is on theknot.com
  2. Please do not use any styling products in your hair the morning of or the day before that are "serum" type products to control frizz. These prevent hold in hair styles. If you have arranged other hair prepping guidelines with the artists, please ignore this guideline. 
  3. Please do not have curlers or other styling aids in your hair when it is your scheduled time. There will be an extra charge of $1 per minute if the artist needs to remove such aids that cause extra time for hair/makeup or if she needs to perform any services outside the hair/makeup agreement.
  4. Come with a clean face--no moisturizers or any cremes on the face. Moisturizers and cremes prevent the foundation and makeup from lasting the full 16 hours. If you have dry skin, we are happy to spray our moisturizer on after your makeup application that is meant to be used with airbrush makeup.
  5. Wear a button down shirt or one that can easily be taken off.
  6. No talking/texting on a phone/cell phone while you are in the hotseat. Others in the room, please refrain from distracting/talking to the person in the hotseat so the artist can do their work. All questions should be directed to someone not in the hotseat. The bride should have a designated person to handle any last minute decisions/questions. This is VERY important in keeping an on-time schedule. We will be using very hot styling irons and any unpredictable movements while talking may cause injury to the person in the hot seat.
  7. Please be on time--or a few minutes early. This way we can ensure the people after you have their full allotted time as well. If you are late for your time slot, we will do our best to accomodate you however, to be fair to the next client, when the next client is scheduled to start, we will stop our services with you to give the next client her fully allottted time. We will then complete your service after everyone is finished. Our prices are based on the time predicted to complete the service.
  8. No children under the age of 6 in the room unless they are getting services.
  9. Please have payment in full by cash for any additional last minute services desired that were not on the contract.
  10. Please note, per contract, to refrain from: using profanity, discussing inappropriate/sexual topics, and offensive behaviors while we are completing our services. Your respect on this issue is greatly appreciated. This also includes offensive music/media in the room during our services.