Joie Photographie

Joie Photographie


Special Occasion/Photo Sessions/Senior Pictures

All Makeup and/or Hair Sessions include airbrush foundation that lasts 16+ hours,
luxury faux lashes, and a touchup kit to keep your hair, face, and lips picture perfect.

 Makeup Only     $125
 Junior Makeup Only     $100
Updo or Half up Only     $100
Short Hair Only (chin length or above)     $70
Makeup AND Hair $200
Makeup AND Short Hair $170



Makeup and Hair Lessons

We are the first retailers in the Houston Area of The Perfect Face Cosmetics and our own line, Beaute. Receive an hour and a half instruction time for makeup and two and a half hours for makeup and hair from our Principal Artist. Learn how to create custom looks for yourself from the on-the-go everyday look to evening glam. Bring your makeup bag with you and we will teach you how to maximize what you already own and recommend additional products to supplement it. Leave with a customized face chart and instructions on how to create it at home with ease.

                                                                                     Makeup Only      $150                                                                                     

                                                                                                                          Hair AND Makeup      $250